The Firm by John Grisham : A review

The Firm The Firm by John Grisham
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Mitchell McDeere, fresh out of Harvard Law school is elated when he is offered a job by Bendini, Lambert & Locke. The folks at the Firm are more than willing to offer him a huge salary, plus mortgage and a brand-new BMW, provided he moves to the relatively subdued Memphis City. It is not long before the McDeeres move to Memphis for a new luxurious life.

But is life simple for any lawyer? One fine day, Mitch gets a mysterious visitor, claiming to be the FBI. Mitch has to decide between continuing to work with his new friends and mentor at the questionable firm, or turn traitor and risk losing his license.

Reasons I liked the book :

# thrill ~ thrill ~ thrill to kill :
It was like a race between the brains of McDeere and the bad guys – DeVasher & Lazarov. It was nail-biting. It kept me guessing on what’s next.

The novel started out really good then it gradually slowed down, with a lot of elaboration on the characters and their behavior until the first part. It picked up speed soon after that. A thriller can get no better than this. IT WAS THRILL TO KILL !!

# Nostalgia :
It was funny that all the high-techie gadgets that they used were Cassette tapes and VCRs.


Despite this the story was gripping. I could pick it up any day and read through it without laughing at the old-fashioned technology.

***For the benefit of the YA & children population, here’s a picture of the cherished Cassette tape…

cassette tape

***And the VHS tape…

vhs tape

# Mature and Grown-up:
Reading John Grisham actually gave me a very ‘grown up’ feel because I have been reading a string of fiction and comics.

Let’s face it. Lawyers don’t kid. McDeere is the perfect gentleman, driven and passionate,honest,hard-working. He is very serious about his work so spends more and more time at the office, while ignoring his wife and dog. His involvement with the FBI is no fun either.

So overall a typical adult life.

Things I felt could have been improved :

The first 15 chapters gave me a strong inclination that something is very wrong, but I wished that the suspense was broken sooner. That bit seemed to drag on. I appreciate all the mystery around the firm,but the murders were obvious from the beginning. No surprises there.

When the suspense was finally broken, it felt like an awfully weak defense – especially when FBI introduces the Mafia: the ultimate bomb, felt somehow watered down.

puzzledGrisham doesn’t waste words telling us how McDeere and his accomplice pass information. They seem to be working in perfect coordination.

How?! When was the SMS sent? How did they track each other without GPS? How did they know time without looking at their Smartphones? Beats me…

There were suddenly too many characters towards the end, which made it difficult to follow. Everyone is Mr.this-that-or-other *insert incomprehensible last name*

Instead , he could have added some fillers or chapters dedicated to these characters from the beginning so that I could have been familiar with them all.

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