My detanning Routine

Who doesn’t despise those horrible tan lines? And when you are from India it’s not just the summer that you have to be worried about 😦 Sighhhhh

But I did come up with a simple routine for removing tan. Read on to know how…


  • Scrub – Biotique Bio Papaya Revitalizing Tan Removal Scrub (Click here to buy this online on Flipkart or Nykaa)
  • Almond Oil
  • Rose water – Homemade or Banjaras Rose water (Click here to know how to make rosewater @Home)
  • Vitamin E capsules – 2
  • Glycerin

Note: Glycerin & Vitamin E capsules are available in all medical stores.

de tanning scrub
detanning scrub

Handy-dandy tip: Because Biotique products come in tub containers they are unhygienic. So I use the plastic scoops that Veet normally provides as a spoon. Voilà instant hygiene  🙂

Almond oil & Vitamin E are lightening agents. They also moisturize skin so well that the next day after this routine I don’t use moisturizer at all. For naturally dry skin like mine that’s a miracle 🙂

Glycerin also adds to the smoothening and moisturizing of skin. Since almond oil has a strong odor , rose water helps in masking it.


I first use the scrub to exfoliate my skin. I mainly use this for my hands & feet because that is where I find harsh tan lines.

After exfoliating for about 5-7 minutes I pat dry the water and apply some rose water to soothe the skin.

Tip:  I use refrigerated rose water. I feel that chilled rose water soothes the skin much better.

Once I have done that, I mix a generous amount of almond oil ( 1 tablespoon) with a few drops of glycerin and equal parts of rose water.

To get Vitamin E, pierce the capsule with a sharp needle and squeeze out till the last drop.

De tanning
detanning mix

Now I use this mixture for my arms and legs. I usually apply them overnight. It could be sticky immediately after application. But that goes away after sometime once the skin starts absorbing.

By morning, all the oil is absorbed into my skin and it feels supahh smoooth, baby soft and completely non-sticky.

When you do this once a week for a month,you will notice tan vanish and smooth even-toned skin is the result.

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