Windows in an iDroid World

I’m one of the RARE SPECIES who bought a Windows phone.

Yes. Go on…finish your mockery, bellow out loud….go on. You can get back whenever you’re done.

Done?Good. So one of the classic questions I get when I mention I own a windows phone is ‘Why?’ And it’s not a simple why, but the long-drawn, exasperated ‘Whyyyyyyyyyy ?’ With the horrified shocked emoticon in the end.

I feel like my credibility is in the balance when such a question is posed and I’m gonna justify it here.

Initially, when I had just bought the phone, I didn’t mind all the questions and the mockery. Infact, I liked the attention 😉

To me, that ‘Whyyyyyyyyyy?’ sounded like ‘What was so irresistible about it that you had to go ahead and spend 3/4th  of your salary on it?’

vadivel 2
ethuda unna heavy ah like panna vechudu ?

Well, I was determined to show all those android and iphone users, just how good windows phone could be. I set about to answer all those ‘ignorant’ ones about the features of this phone.

All of the things I liked on the Windows phone:

First and foremost, the OS. Yes there were Tiles. *background oooohhhs and aaaahhhhs* (Of course that wasn’t real; it was just the proud voices in my head) The tiles were different from the normal android icons. They could be pinned to the home screen; I could also resize them based on usage and frequent visits.

“AH! how lovely! A fresh new take on OS”, I thought to myself.

Not just a new OS, it also came with built-in MS Office and I think this was the feature that I used the most. I used OneNote extensively to jot down any tiny detail or idea that popped into my head. And guess what…I would PIN it to my home screen in full visibility, not any shortcut or an icon, but a tile with full visibility. It was a cool new reminder feature. Aha! Convenience at its finest.

Another huge plus was the multitude of camera apps. I could create gifs using Lumia Cinemagraph – How Awesome was thattttt?!!

The camera was good enough for me. It had all the necessary features in a good 6.7MP camera phone. It worked for me. I couldn’t have taken all those selfies without it!

Other Miscellaneous stuff I liked:

I also enjoyed the Glimpse feature – it was a rarity back when I bought the mobile.

Here Maps was clean and simple and effective.

There was the Kids corner too – a space where you can set the apps to be displayed and not worry about people or pesky kids finding out private information.It was cool, like switching alter-egos. I was Superman when I swiped up and Clark Kent when I swiped right from the Lockscreen.

I liked the simple interface when making or receiving a call. Accept / Decline was easy enough. No swipe right or left or up or down confusion.

Swiper No Swiping
Swiper No Swiping

Overall, it was a fresh OS. I was so sick and tired of the same old Droids and ifones everywhere that this was a welcome change for me.


I love customizing my stuff and so with my windows mobile. I found a handy app that created Headers which were basically ‘customized text, text+icon, text+picture’ that can be pinned on your home screen.

self motivation
Self motivational poster on my homescreen

I spent a whole week giving my phone the ‘right look’. I had pinned a tile that said Shravanthi Kripa and my signature Treble clef right beside it. I also made a self motivational poster, right on my home Screen. 🙂 

I got around to liking my mobile a lot. So much that I wanted to give it some more bling.That’s when I hunted online for the best phone cover. I found a cool place where I told them what cover and what text I wanted and they would customize it for me – again a rarity when I actually bought it.

Boy, was I proud of this phone! 

When the problems started…

My euphoria didn’t last long. Making the phone pretty and everything was fine, but functionality sucked. Yep, I said it! 

Granted there were certain shortcomings in the Apps area; the apps list was short and most of the apps were forever ‘coming soon’ to the store.

On the store, there was either the older version of the apps (like facebook, instagram) or the half-baked beta versions of the apps that were available. I guess we became default beta testers. I must have written a dozen horrible reviews that were along the lines of ‘Can’t evn giv 1 star. Horrible app. F*** the develpr. So pissd’.

I felt I belonged to the community of deranged people, who like me, had bought Windows phones on whims. 

Light at the end of the Tunnel:

So this glorious day there was the much awaited 8.1 windows update. Like the light at the end of the tunnel (a very dark one)

Yessss!! I was finally getting a Notification center ( oh did I not mention ? Unless a tile was pinned to the start screen you wouldn’t have any idea you had a notif )

This new notification center changed things. There was a beep(sound), a brrrr-brrrr-brrrr (vibrate) and a blinky blink(LED) every time I got an FB like. What a huge relief that was! 

I was elated !!! No more boring start screen ( yes it had become boring by then. Jeeezzz, gimme a break)

With the 8.1 update, Transparent tiles were in. I was finally able to set background images and quickly scroll through them – what else does one do with background images?! :/

Double tap to awake – the dream come true. No longer did I have to spend extra energy reaching out to that power button. I could simply double tap and would get a very vivid image of a poison green slimy, probably stinky worm, courtesy of Bing images Daily. Ah the joy 😉

By this point in time, I was hoping I could get a fellow windowswagger (yea I made that up right now; and yeahh it has SWAG) to share my enthusiasm. 

But how could I connect to people when my Bluetooth was not capable of recognizing near ones?

Man, windows phone made me believe in magic again because it definitely used The Vanishing spell to send that goddamn audio file into oblivion. Windows phone wouldn’t save the whatsapp audio messages automatically. They would just vanish. *insert crying smiley here* 

Hard times that led to a Break-up:

So because of all this alienation from other techy devices, I was pretty lonely and blue, watching some Vampire Diaries, when suddenly a wild windows phone appears. One Two THREE people had Windows phones!!!!

I literally paused on that scene and watched with tearful eyes. I may not be in the ranks of Apple fanatics, but I was pretty much the same as sexy vampires and witches.

Bonnie with Lumia 1080
Bonnie with Lumia 1080


But that happiness lasted only so long. cyring

Imagine my shock when I found out that the husband from Deivam Thanda veedu(a tamil soap opera) was a windowswagger too. Bleeeaagghhhh .dtv crying

Speaking of TV shows, Hotstar is not available on the Windows store. You happy now, all you Windows-phone haters? I finally began hating my own mobile.

I don’t want to talk about my emotional trauma here. Moving on… windows phone cracked screenI never abused my phone. There was the occasional slip up now and then but nothing serious.

I would drop it, but like a good ol’ rugged soldier my Nokia would be unscathed.

Yet one very, VERY unfortunate evening – the 31st of December,2014, I dropped it on hard concrete floor. *Sobs*

The poor fella didn’t make it.

He had cracked at the base and there was a web upto the LED sensor on top. Undeterred, I continued using it, because my faithful third palm still worked fine, except for the visibility issues.

I managed it fairly well for quite sometime, 5 months to be exact. It’s almost June now, the season of the epidemic ifever. And I am looking to buy a new phone, so I can Dubsmash the hell out of it and yes…you guessed it – Dubsmash isn’t available on Windows store either.

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