Poison by Bridget Zinn : A review

PoisonPoison by Bridget Zinn
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First off I love , love , luuuuurvve the title. “Poison” I mean, that is such a strong title for a book and it was the very first thing that caught my attention about Bridget Zinn’s novel.

Not Poisoned but simply Poison like the book were not giving out clues as to whether someone is actually being poisoned or not.

The book cover itself is very enchanting. That’s what piqued my interest. As for the story, before I had gotten past the first few pages, I had imagined a setting, that was straight out of a fairytale-picture book. And the protogonist, Kyra became my bold,gutsy princess in my imagination. It was beautiful and was already becoming one of my favorites.

Is it just me or did everyone immediately think of dwarves when the names Ned and Hal were mentioned as being the potions masters ?

Twin Dwarves – Ned and Hal
Badass dwarf


The book had just the right amount of adventure, wit & humor.

When I skimmed some of the reviews I got to know of the cute little pig that features in Poison and how adorable it looked on the book cover. This tiny pig plays a major role in the story of Poison.

“The idea of trusting her mission to a pig seemed borderline insane.”

–> cracked me up!!

Even though we have an overview of what Kyra is upto from the beginning, the plot never once drops. There are twists and turns that make it a super interesting adventure. We discover more and more of Kyra’s prowess throughout the book.

Poison is a real page-turner. Kyra meets a fair share of interesting personalities on the way and eventhough their encounters are brief, we come to love them.

There is a category of books that are rarely publicized and never really make it big on the news , but they nevertheless blow your mind away. Poison is one among them. I think it is completely worthy of being made into a fantasy movie

*****sighs as I imagine Jhonny Depp playing Fred *****

johnny depp

YES. This guy, as Fred

johnny depp 2

… and my reaction

swooning gif

swooning gif 2

And I think it would have been great as a series !!

The fact that Poison is a stand alone book by Bridget Zinn, who passed away due to cancer, reminds me of Wuthering Heights.Emily Bronte also authored one amazing, incredible novel before she passed away. Our loss I would say.

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