The Summoning ( The Darkest Powers – I) by Kelley Armstrong : A review

The Summoning (Darkest Powers, #1)The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong
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This book begins with an extremely scary episode of a child’s encounter with ghosts. The first few paragraphs nearly made me jump with every turn. The narrative is absolutely perfect for the situation by making use of the simple innocence of the child.

But once the chapter 1 is done, the reader is faced with the mundane ramblings of a teenage girl. The boring Yada-yada-yada continues until the main story-line kicks in and other characters are introduced.

The place setting is a home that takes in kids with (deceivingly) ‘special’ abilities. There were good details and sufficient back story for every character. The sparse but bone-chilling incidents keep the plot moving. Our protagonist, Chloe, is of course gifted with unnaturally strong powers that she is unaware of. This book is wholly about how she figures out her supernatural abilities both through accidental encounters and engaging curiosity.

Chloe, being the realist that she is, accepting certain strange and incognito stuff like the existence of supernatural beings without resistance, comes as a disappointment. A little bit of internal conflict couldn’t have hurt. The mystery around Simon and Derek is intriguing.

After 50% I felt it was pretty much redundant. Supernaturalism over and over again, without adding much to plot. Overall, the story had no point to it; an anchor. It lacked a specific direction. All the introductions the mini happenings throughout the book, and Chloe’s self-realization were good. But, the question that remains is, ‘all this for what?’

Even though this is part of a trilogy it would have been nice to have had a big picture. Just naming the first book ‘the summoning’ based on a single isolated incident might not cut it.

Nevertheless the ending was brilliant. It hiked my curiosity and is definitely a cliff-hanger that I cannot ignore.

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