Diet Tomato Chutney

A completely oil-free diet chutney for those of us who can’t even dream of bland food. And yes, my doc told me I could add this to my weight-loss diet 🙂

  • Tomatoes onions and green chilliTomatoes : Red Chillis = 1:1
  • Small onions                 =  half cup
  • Green Chilli                   = 1
  • Tamarind                       = 1/2 teaspoon
  • Fresh Coriander            = half cup
  • Water                            = half cup
  • Salt, asofoetida, mustard seeds = to taste


cooker 1 cooker 2

  • Add the tomatoes, onions, chillis, tamarind,corriander leaves and water in the cooker and cook it in high heat
  • After one whistle reduce it to a simmer
  • Let it cook for about 5 whistles approximately 8 minutes
  • Once it is cooked (you should know it is done by the aroma) cool it and then grind it into a fine paste.
Tip : Decant the water and remove the green chilli alone before grinding it.
  • Temper it with mustard seeds and asofoetida and the diet tomato chutney is ready.

temper chutney

What’s my favourite way of having it you ask?

dosaWith Dosas !! Yummmmmmm…..

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