My Pedicure routine

This is my pedicure routine to relax my feet and to replenish them.

1. Prepare Hot water tub with shampoo and bath salts
2. Clip/ File dry nails
3. Apply Vaseline to cuticles
4. Soak for 5 mins
5. Use flat tool to scrape on surface and push back cuticles
6. Use bent tool to clean the grim and dirt between nail and skin
7. Use cuticle cutter to remove dead skin around nails
8. Soak for 5 mins
9. Use cleansing gel to foam feet
10. Use scrapper brush along with foam to scrub all dirt on soles, heels, balls of feet and tips of toes.
11. Apply a little cleansing gel to the brush and clean all the above mentioned areas, followed by ankles, top of foot and knuckles and nails.
12. Rub feet some more, adding water if required.
13. Add the cleansing scrub and gently scrub the feet, calves, between toes and the sides of the feet
14. Soak feet in lukewarm water for 10 mins
15. Drain the water from tub, while washing feet
16. Wash feet thoroughly
17. Dry excess moisture .
18. Use rough buffer to smoothen the skin on the heels, balls and entire sole.
19. Use soft buffer if necessary
20. Use cleansing mask and leave it on for 10 mins
21. Wash with scrub if necessary
22. Pat dry the moisture
23. Apply moisturising lotion
24. Massage the calves and heels with special toes massage and pop the toe knuckles
25. Apply nail polish

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