The Krishna Key by Ashwin Sanghi : A review

The Krishna KeyThe Krishna Key by Ashwin Sanghi
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The Krishna key is a book that everyone must experience once. It was an amazing read right from the beginning till the end, without a moment of ennui.

Though I have to agree with the popular opinion, that the book is loaded with innumerable facts that one cannot digest in the first read, I have to say that this was what kept the plot going.

Prof.Saini wouldn’t be qualified enough if he wasn’t aware of the significance of 108, or of Kailash. What felt a little odd was that even Mumbai Dada’s(local ruffian) knew secrets of Krishna and his key. That was a slight hiccup in the screenplay I would say. Other than that,, wonderful characterization of the self-made Priya and the devoted disciple Taarak. Every character had a good back story that weighed heavily on their actions and reactions.

I liked that Sanghi introduced the Philosopher’s stone in the very beginning and referenced it much later, but in a place where it made much more sense. It gave it the goal they were all searching for. It wasn’t a rat race for nothing.

I want to clarify that no matter how many people claim The Krishna Key is a The DaVinci Code rip off, they cannot be further from the truth. The DaVinci code was based on one fact, one solitary symbolist who knew the facts, and some running about. But The Krishna Key has its roots in the history of not just ancient Indians , but the people from adjacent civilizations as well. It cannot be denied that Gajini looted India 17 times; it cannot be denied that the Taj Mahal was once a Hindu temple; it cannot be denied that our ancestors were well educated in sciences like Astronomy,Medicine,Nuclear physics etc. So no, The Krishna Key is not the equivalent of The DaVinci Code.

The romance portions in the novel were hardly existent. What might have built up between Priya and Saini was true and relatable. Since they had known each other for sometime and since they had worked together a lot, a romance blossoming between them can be very much possible. But Radhika and Saini ? It was not acceptable. Na-uh. One bone-chilling incident in a cave is really not what brings people together and I can hardly imagine them happily ever after. So that bit didn’t work for me.

Will the ending satisfy the reader ? I doubt it. Even though it complies with everything that our Upanishads and Vedhas preach, a crime novel in the current age just doesn’t accept whatever is spiritually inclined; it seeks scientific proof which Ashwin Sanghi clearly provided throughout the book, upto the very last page infact,until he pointed otherwise. I am afraid the audience isn’t very willing to accept such a sudden switch.

Overall it was an amazing book and is one of the rare ones , which I want to read again in another few years. It grew on me and it stayed with me. Oh and the Mahabharata story telling was superb! I thoroughly enjoyed Krishna’s narration. Every element , every important incident, every key character was portrayed well.

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