The Hellish Hound

It was 3 am. I woke up to the sounds of a lone dog howling – Aaoooo, aaooooo, aaoooo.

It wasn’t any normal howling. It was the kind that felt like a sharp saw was grinding inside your ears. It started out as a sharp-throated sound, that became a god-awful howl.Sorta as though the dog had hiccups, and decided to howl anyway. Hic-aoooo, hic-aoooo. I really can’t describe it properly. It was hellish. It was brutal.

Got me thinking, was it hurt? Did it lose a puppy? Was it simply bored?

Hick-awooo, Hick-awooo, hick-awooo.

I tossed and I turned. I couldn’t get rid of that hic-awoooo, hick-awooo from my head. I peeked out from the corners of my bedroom window. I didn’t catch the dog.No sight of him at all. But his howls came from somewhere just around the corner.

As a last resort, Dad and I went to the front gates and looked. There he came trotting down the street with intelligent eyes. He scanned us up and down and barked a few times. He realized we weren’t what he was looking for; maybe in our disheveled clothes and with our 3am drowsy eyes we just weren’t good enough company for him. Anyway he dismissed us, and continued on his search for his buddies or whatever.

Dead silence.

For a few minutes, I didn’t get used to the silence. Heavenly silence.

Oh shit, another growling…..oh wait.That’s just my stomach – gotta grab my post-midnight snack 😉

2 thoughts on “The Hellish Hound

    • Shravanthi Kripa July 20, 2015 / 9:18 pm

      Thank you C.S. Wilde 🙂


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