I too had a Love Story by Ravinder Singh : A review

I Too Had A Love Story..I Too Had A Love Story.. by Ravinder Singh
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one word-Rubbish.
I can’t imagine a romance that is sappier. The crappy writing made this worse. I can’t imagine people actually sucking up such an immature author and his scribbling. Sure , I feel pity on his part , but to have lost a loved one is like losing a part of oneself. I didn’t find pathos in any part of the book except the last chapter. If he had intended to keep her death a secret, he did a very bad job of naming his book so.

I personally feel that when one talks about a loved one, one would glorify them and that their account would carry a certain pathos. This expectation is especially more when the survivor is an author(or artist).It was a pathetic ground to describe your ‘life’s love’ in such scarce and erroneous writing.

Ravinder, if you were my friend I would have not sympathized , because you told me of a girl you met online, and within days you tell me she is no more!! Am I to sympathize with a complete stranger ? If you intended to keep it  very personal write a diary. If you want to write a book about your exalted love , then the least you can do is make us also fall in love with her.

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