No greater Love in this Universe!

A nonsense story is one that is built from random words. The ones I took were from my colleagues at work today. This is what unfurled.
love friends frustration tree river twilight hallucination meadow toothache food shoes taste like battery wallet tag pillar bike glass wheels strings compassion knowledge strength envy monsters altitude handcuffs mojitos orange tunnel ring color key icecream refugee alien seashore

Love is a strange word. To him it was only a tag for the state of hallucination that friends often found themselves to be in. Love was something he couldn’t understand. The frustration, the envy and hurt that ensued, were all too much for him. After all he was only an alien.

He had landed on the seashore of the Mediterranean with 243 other refugees from Pilla. They were running from the cruel His Dictatorship Battery. Battery had overthrown Commander Lithium in the Battle for Time and given himself the title ‘His Dictatorship’. Subsequently, His Dictatorship Battery ordered the hunt for all supporters of Lithium. He sent the Killer tanks of Pilla, the Wheels, to hunt down all Lithium followers.The planet of Pilla was under his rule now.  He was unstoppable.

But I digress. We were talking about Love.Of course, if he were an Earthborn, he would have chosen love over everything else. Love triumphs all – so goes the adage. But he wasn’t an Earthborn. He was a Pillar.

Commander Lithium was currently incarcerated within the gaols of Ring. He was bound by handcuffs that chained every limb(4 in total) to 8 teeth(32 in total). The Pillars had peculiar methods of torture indeed. Who else would think of chaining up molars with motors ? Commander Lithium braved the toothache and the twisty bones in hopes that his next-in-command Sergeant NiMH will rescue him and Pilla from His Dictatorship Battery.

NiMH had come to Earth, looking for the key to rescue planet Pilla. The knowledge and wisdom of earth borns was pitiful. Earth was an infant planet. He had seen celestial rocks that were ginormous. Inhabitants that were monsters. Atmospheres that were poisonous. Trees with strings of deadly toxins. Compared to that, Earth was like a baby that sucked on Orange candy. Taking over was going to be easy.

Sergeant NiMH had a plan. He would use the forces of Earth borns against the dictator and return Pilla to its peace. His Dictatorship Battery had one weakness – he was part earth born. He was exposed to the ‘Love’. Specifically the love for food. On Pillar, there was no food. It was a luxury that the planet couldn’t afford. That left the Dictator yearning for his homeland food on many an occasion.

Sergeant NiMH had stumbled upon this truth when he found His Dictatorship ‘stuffing his face’ (as the Earth borns would put it) with bacon, burgers and icecreams of all colors. He had even followed up with barrels of Mojitos to wash down the junk.

Love for food. That was the only true love. NiMH had witnessed this firsthand. And there was food available on Earth. Ergo, he had to get the food to Pilla as fast as he could. He depended on the strength of his battalion of 243 Pillars. Together, the Sergeant and troop, dug a tunnel of glass through the space-time continuum, leading from Earth to the heart of Pilla.  

Wallet was the heart-city of Pilla. North-west to Wallet, at a great altitude, stood His Dictatorship Battery’s grande palace, in a beautiful meadow, next to the river of Mile.

It was twilight when NiMH and his troop placed all the food they had amassed from Earth, on the grand marble, in the grand hall room of the grand palace. That morning, His Dictatorship stood at the entrance of his palace, his man-servant, Bike, tying the laces on his shoes. A heavenly whiff caught his senses off guard.

Was that bacon? Unbelievable.

Nobody in Pilla had seen His Dictatorship run that fast. His speed must have been at least 2 lyps (Light years per second). As he whizzed past his servants, he landed face first on the spread of delectable savouries. His Dictatorship once again performed the act of stuffing his face while everyone, who had gathered by that time, watched. Even Commander Lithium with his unhealthy posture ( the handcuffs had left him with a bad slouch).

His Dictatorship Battery devoured, sans taste, sans chaste. That was his moment of weakness. He was promptly captured.

Compassion, like love was just another strange word. As Battery (no longer the self-appointed His Dictatorship) was lead away to be executed, Pillars from all walks of life stood with blank stares. But Sergeant NiMH knew that this was a moment of ‘compassion’ in Earth tongue.

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