Careful is just another word for love

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Careful.”

When I stumbled for my first steps,
When I felt unsure on my first bike,
When I almost cried on the day of my exam,
When I had butterflies in my stomach, while talking to my first crush,
When I got my own bedroom, and was snuggling in for the first night,
When I go to the movies with my buddies,
When I drove to college on my own,
When I left home for a few months,
When I got my nose pierced,
Even when I get a bad haircut,
“Careful!!”, cried Mom.
Careful is just another word for love

To cakes, balloons, and real togetherness!

I recently turned 24 and in Indian lingo that means my parent’s 25th anniversary is around the same time.

Yayyyyy!!! A Quarter of a Century ! Silver Jubilee!! Time to Celebrate!!! 

Mom and Dad’s reaction

This was the reaction from my parents. 😐

I’m an only child who grew up with strict parents – a formula for creating utterly lonely children who grow up to be utterly lonely adults, a.k.a Bloggers 😛

Point is, strict parents meant no celebrations that included cakes, balloons or midnight wishes. Just no. Even vegetarian cakes weren’t allowed ya. 😦

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5 Small things Indians could do to sound more ‘sophisticated’

Sophisticated doesn’t always mean ‘Peteru..’ or a ‘show-off’. Sometimes that sophistication can keep you afloat in times of despair. I can give you countless examples of situations, in which, if you act a little more sophisticated, it would raise your standards in the eyes of your colleagues and friends.

I’m using the theme ‘FAVORS’ in this post. Ah, all the funny things we say or do while asking for favors!!

Here are 5 things which I feel are most basic. They are also the easiest to change. Give them a try and let me know how it feels.


This simple exchange is the most common. All of us know in theory that the proper reply to ‘Thank you’ is ‘You’re welcome’. But we never say that, do we?

It’s either a curt ‘Okay’ or a ghastly ‘No problem’. These are the worst possible replies to thank you. Because when you say okay, it’s like insulting that person who took the time to thank you. The second one is even worse, because it implies that whatever you did for that person was an inconvenience for you. No. Just don’t say that. Please.

Next time anybody thanks you, take a pause and reply with

“You’re Welcome”

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Scion of Ikshvaku (Ram Chandra series #1) by Amish Tripathi : A review

Scion of Ikshvaku (Ram Chandra Series, #1)Scion of Ikshvaku by Amish Tripathi
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Hmmm….Yeah, so I read this ‘Ramayana remake’.  Didn’t like it. Well okay….maybe I liked only tiny portions. Kinda-sorta okayish book I’d say.

Do you think otherwise? Let me know here: 

Ram is born on the day of Dhasharath’s first defeat against Raavan!(preposterous, and ridiculously twisted) This victimizes Ram in Dhasharath’s eye. The King blames his first defeat on the new born. How is a baby responsible for a king’s blunders in war? I don’t know. But it says a lot about how much we suck. As a community that buys into such idiotic beliefs, and as an audience who hasn’t raised riots for infantile injustice.

Okay. Maybe that was too strong.

The plot and sub-plot:

Ram, Lakshman (I’d like to call him Lakky from now) Bharat and Shatrugnan are brothers from different wombs. They grow up in a gurukul. They have different gurukul names, sorta like these fake reddit usernames. This is to protect the royal family from danger. Totally unnecessary if you ask me. Can’t remember any of those now.

The boys are trained under Saint Vashishta (or should I say Shady Vashishta?!) Because Vashista seems to have mysterious dealings with  the Nagas (deformed people according to Amish Tripathi) Why is Vashishta associated with the Nagas? And why are they interested in Ram and Co. ? A sub-plot arises.

The boys grow up, unawares of this other face of their guru. Over the course of 16 years, they are trained in fighting, archery and other life skills. They learn about vedhas, dharma and history.

Ram is especially interested in Dharma. Bharat is especially interesting in girls. Both of them are equally interested in politics and ruling the kingdom.

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Dharmalife – Not the ‘usual’ Explainer video

If you had an app that could literally change lives, what would you do? Well Sasidhar, our client, had a clear idea of what HE would do.

Sasidhar approached Mypromovideos with an unusual request – make an explainer video that does not explain the product. Yes, that does NOT explain the product. His app, Dharmalife, was set to change lives of those under the influence of the most dangerous of villains – our emotions.

So we started off with the problem that even the best of us face – Emotions out of control. How many of you have gone ‘Arrrggghhhhhh’ with smoke coming outta your ears when you have slow internet ? Me…me ….me!!


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The making of Micrograam – Explainer Video

“Life is a circle”, begins the video. You witness the seed sprouting into a young sapling and growing into a big strong tree. With this ebb & flow of nature, the story of Maya unfolds. It is a story of the determinate Maya, who wants to educate her 3 children, with her meager income from selling nuts.

This story speaks to all you Humanitarians out there.

Would you like to know how this video took shape ? Read on…

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