I have a bucketful of Hatessiveness ( = Hate + Possessiveness )

Have you ever felt so much hate for a person, that when it comes down to saving that person’s life and picking out an ice-cream flavor, you would be weighing Belgian chocolate vs. Butterscotch in your mind?

Don’t lie. I know you thought of at least one person.

We all got that one person we hate so much, right?

Every speck of their life, every syllable from their mouth, every Facebook post, every status….urrgghhhhh we despise it.

Funny thing is, this ‘person’ is usually a very close person; one you truly felt some friendship towards ( if this were a relationship, the guy’d be dead; so no use talking about that ).

The internet is full of these:

For a moment, let’s consider something purely non-biological and friendship-y. Like you and your BFF ( more like soul-sisters ).

When you and your soul-sister get into a fight, it’s not the prettiest sight. Sooner or later it will end up in an ego-war, spewing hate all over.

As a result, you slowly sink into an abyss of ‘hate-filled’ vileness, that you actually find comfortable, and nice. A valley where it’s commonplace to look at them with a not-so-concealed scorn, at every chance you get.

Like that’s not enough, the evil valley pushes you to do the unthinkable – ROAST them- talk about all the horrible stuff ( can be copious amounts of fiction – it’s just the best use of your creativity ) that person did.

Probably even throw in a few choice insults during that roast.

But then, some sucker tries to ruin that ‘valley of tacit hate’. He butts in and pretends to hate your BFF along with you.

This ain’t no revolution. Nobody asked him to join in. That’s absurd. That’s infuriating. Oh…no…your anger spikes up.

And before you know it you give that sucker a punch ( not necessarily figurative ).

I know I’ve done it.


Me, when anybody tries to hate-along.

I can’t let no third person talk shit about my Hate-love. When a third person so much as twitches their nose by way of insult, I’d be like a hound – ready to attack.

Yeah, my BFF is rightfully mine to hate.

It feels perfectly fine, when I hate everything about them, but if someone else does it – DEFENSE MODE ON.

It has to be me and Only me. I get quite possessive about this.

Scary possessive. S-C-A-R-Y 

This kinda relationship that I have with them is special. I want to do all the hating and screaming, without having to worry about others’ derision.

Sometimes this person ain’t even real. [I mean, who could ever keep quiet at Lord Voldemort’s tortures? ]

Yet, if you come to me claiming to hate Voldy, I would harm you in many ways – the least of which is a benign lecture on ‘how Voldy had a pathetic childhood that shaped him this way’ and the worst is too good to be put in mere words.

What’s that? Yeah, I hate him alright. That’s still unchanged.

Sometimes, it ain’t even a person [IRCTC anyone?

Or when my phone just isn’t in the mood, creating the worst possible lag ]

Don’t even think of dissing my phone in front of me. I might just take a bite out of your precious apple.

Someone, something, somewhere – doesn’t matter.

What does, is that I feel so strongly about it and others around me have to respect that. You can’t just jump into the conversation and begin hating what I hate.

Just let me have that exhilaration of despising something from the bottom of my heart, alright? Let me just loathe it. Let me maybe throw in some foul language, some despicable writing, and hate it in peace.

Don’t go ruining it for me by “joining in the hate”  

So yeah, if you find me talking about anything with passionate hate, remember it is solely mine and you can’t have no part in this business.

All you can do in that situation is hate me silently. Am okay with that.

P.S. I’d choose Butterscotch 😉

4 thoughts on “I have a bucketful of Hatessiveness ( = Hate + Possessiveness )

    • Shravanthi Kripa November 12, 2015 / 11:36 pm

      You can have as many as you like 😛


    • Shravanthi Kripa November 27, 2015 / 10:04 am

      Thank you Scribbler 😛

      Liked by 1 person

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