A Metaphor to My Mind

This was a poem that I wrote sometime in April 2011. It is a take on what goes on inside my mind,my soul.

When gloom surges
$he riseth in full blood-lust fervor
Days of fury never abate

Heart’s a dead animal now
eyes aflame with rage
neurons thrusting on the cage
senses seethe forward
pleading an order of extrication

Unleashed , untamed , uncouth
$he who seeks spiteful vengeance


A zippy self takes over
turning frail and vulnerable(on intent)
Peals of laughter reveal
lightening up the ambience

When gaiety glows
$he lies torpid
holding on to a thread-suspicion
still blazing,watchful eyes

Yet once more
night shall fall.

Such is a balance
Such is a control
But never a foul mind
set a step ahead the Good soul.