My name is not ‘tchhhuuu…’ or ‘pchoooo’ :

Indian men have some reeeeaaaally bad habits that women are victims of. Nope. not talking about the booze here. And definitely not what goes on ‘behind the closed door’ .

But I am referring to a disturbing behavior that every working woman faces in her daily life.


Am I talking about those dumbasses on the streets who wolf whistle? Nayyy, that’s a given. We are used to that. Every girl learns to become deaf and dumb while walking the streets.

I’m talking about workplace catcalls. Yes, those things exist. I don’t know how men think that it’s okay to address women in every which way but their name. We have a NAME guys. Use it. We beseech you.

I am not the kind of person to bear this condescending behavior. So I have stood up to not less than 4 men so far about said Catcalling. But I am tired of it. It is such a basic etiquette that nobody seems to get. I don’t want to go the HR every single time something like this happens.

Women silently go with this behavior mostly because they don’t understand this is borderline harassment. You don’t have to take this snotty behavior. It’s a workplace, be it man or woman, you have to follow some etiquette. Learn to respect yourselves, girls.

And Men,

Please grow up.

Call me crazy, but I just don’t answer to ‘tchhhuuuu…’ or ‘pooochhhh’ or  any other damnning noise.

I hope you men learn this.