The Krishna Key by Ashwin Sanghi : A review

The Krishna KeyThe Krishna Key by Ashwin Sanghi
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The Krishna key is a book that everyone must experience once. It was an amazing read right from the beginning till the end, without a moment of ennui.

Though I have to agree with the popular opinion, that the book is loaded with innumerable facts that one cannot digest in the first read, I have to say that this was what kept the plot going.

Prof.Saini wouldn’t be qualified enough if he wasn’t aware of the significance of 108, or of Kailash. What felt a little odd was that even Mumbai Dada’s(local ruffian) knew secrets of Krishna and his key. That was a slight hiccup in the screenplay I would say. Other than that,, wonderful characterization of the self-made Priya and the devoted disciple Taarak. Every character had a good back story that weighed heavily on their actions and reactions.

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