The Orphan

She knew well before her formative years

What the future held for her

“She has a beautiful family”

said Society

But her soul knew it was but a mirage


She watched growing up

The rest of the children being loved

Could the stork that brought her be mistaken ?

‘Cause there didn’t go a single day

She felt like a part


Dollars and Rupees and Pounds

Drove her insane

For she found no solace

in her Dad’s grace

She waited in vain

For the mother’s embrace


At the twilight

Darkness of hate begins to rise

Silently consuming her vice

Until one day

Her worst fears came true

And She felt orphaned


But there came a day she felt

The earth stand still for her

She didn’t know then

One’s heart can indeed overflow

In him she found Love

worth it all.


Here’s another one of my dark poems…


Caught up in a whirl of disoriented thoughts
This convoluted Mind
Like a hundred different shots
People that hurt from behind

I fear to shed a single tear
Whence lonely
It is only I who knows dear
That I live a life of phoney

Why did I murder myself ?
That I do a favor for others…
It is a dead heart I carry
And a mind that’s constantly angry

I am lost in the cacophonic psyche
Mind over heart and mind over physique
Where is the passion in life?
Where is the Life in life?