5 Small things Indians could do to sound more ‘sophisticated’

Sophisticated doesn’t always mean ‘Peteru..’ or a ‘show-off’. Sometimes that sophistication can keep you afloat in times of despair. I can give you countless examples of situations, in which, if you act a little more sophisticated, it would raise your standards in the eyes of your colleagues and friends.

I’m using the theme ‘FAVORS’ in this post. Ah, all the funny things we say or do while asking for favors!!

Here are 5 things which I feel are most basic. They are also the easiest to change. Give them a try and let me know how it feels.


This simple exchange is the most common. All of us know in theory that the proper reply to ‘Thank you’ is ‘You’re welcome’. But we never say that, do we?

It’s either a curt ‘Okay’ or a ghastly ‘No problem’. These are the worst possible replies to thank you. Because when you say okay, it’s like insulting that person who took the time to thank you. The second one is even worse, because it implies that whatever you did for that person was an inconvenience for you. No. Just don’t say that. Please.

Next time anybody thanks you, take a pause and reply with

“You’re Welcome”

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