Wise and Otherwise by Sudha Murty : A review

Wise And OtherwiseWise And Otherwise by Sudha Murty
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I loved this book. Sudha Murthy has used such simple narrative for all the 50 stories. Her work is truly ‘a salute to life’. Every incident in the book left me either poignant, or ashamed or angry at the current state of people’s mind. I would recommend everyone to read this. A very light read but filled with meaning.

Hyper Lync !

It was 10:30 am, when I stepped into a prospective office for my first day. I was familiar with a few of them around, so I wasn’t worried too much.

I stepped in with vigor…. and

“AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh”, I screamed. For there he was. Huge, hairy and with piercing brown eyes. It was a scare-at-first sight.

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