The Ultimate Curly hair Routine

You have this one friend who is great with movies right? And then there’s another friend who is a sworn-in football fanatic. Finally, there’s this foodie buddy of yours. 

What’s common about all of them? You.

Your curls are just like you. They NEED their friends – 1. to protect hair damage 2. to prevent frizz and 3. to tame those rowdy curls baby hair.

And let’s face it, one product ain’t cutting it. That includes those miraculous two-in-one, three-in-one…and freakishly…ten-in-one products.

What your curls need is a routine that invites all your friends to the party! A routine that satiates their every need. Just like a day off for you that calls for a movie, a game and yummy grub.

So I experimented – A LOT – for over a year and a half. This routine is my holy grail, path of roses to that heavenly, silky tresses. Continue reading