Careful is just another word for love

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Careful.”

When I stumbled for my first steps,
When I felt unsure on my first bike,
When I almost cried on the day of my exam,
When I had butterflies in my stomach, while talking to my first crush,
When I got my own bedroom, and was snuggling in for the first night,
When I go to the movies with my buddies,
When I drove to college on my own,
When I left home for a few months,
When I got my nose pierced,
Even when I get a bad haircut,
“Careful!!”, cried Mom.
Careful is just another word for love

To cakes, balloons, and real togetherness!

I recently turned 24 and in Indian lingo that means my parent’s 25th anniversary is around the same time.

Yayyyyy!!! A Quarter of a Century ! Silver Jubilee!! Time to Celebrate!!! 

Mom and Dad’s reaction

This was the reaction from my parents. 😐

I’m an only child who grew up with strict parents – a formula for creating utterly lonely children who grow up to be utterly lonely adults, a.k.a Bloggers 😛

Point is, strict parents meant no celebrations that included cakes, balloons or midnight wishes. Just no. Even vegetarian cakes weren’t allowed ya. 😦

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5 Small things Indians could do to sound more ‘sophisticated’

Sophisticated doesn’t always mean ‘Peteru..’ or a ‘show-off’. Sometimes that sophistication can keep you afloat in times of despair. I can give you countless examples of situations, in which, if you act a little more sophisticated, it would raise your standards in the eyes of your colleagues and friends.

I’m using the theme ‘FAVORS’ in this post. Ah, all the funny things we say or do while asking for favors!!

Here are 5 things which I feel are most basic. They are also the easiest to change. Give them a try and let me know how it feels.


This simple exchange is the most common. All of us know in theory that the proper reply to ‘Thank you’ is ‘You’re welcome’. But we never say that, do we?

It’s either a curt ‘Okay’ or a ghastly ‘No problem’. These are the worst possible replies to thank you. Because when you say okay, it’s like insulting that person who took the time to thank you. The second one is even worse, because it implies that whatever you did for that person was an inconvenience for you. No. Just don’t say that. Please.

Next time anybody thanks you, take a pause and reply with

“You’re Welcome”

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Everything’s got a price!

Make-up is my kinda therapy. It could be yours too!

The mantra for good make-up is “Highlight your natural assets”

Sounds wise.

Make-up gurus would tell you to always draw attention away from your flaws and add more Oomph to your best features. Basically, spend maximum time on your plus points to make them stand out even more.


I know some of you are thinking, “But shouldn’t I pay attention to my flaws?  I spend most of my time covering up my nasty pores…which is some heavy work”     Sigh…

Hmmm…a common belief. Well, that’s one way to look at it. But think about this :

You can’t really change those small eyes that you were born with. Or do anything about those protruding ears.

So I asked myself, is it wise spending all those frigging hours trying to correct the ‘flawed features’ and getting nowhere?

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Life is always a lot better


Life is a game…but not literally.

playing Tetris

This Golden Energy!

Enough of this wretched life…
I was blinded by them,
Handicapped by them,
Stripped of my life,
My smile,
My energy!
Orphaned by them.

Why am I
In a place that calls me a Cancer,
And not where I am a Gift?
Why am I
In a place that treats me like a Disease
And not where I am treated like a Queen?

Nine months of unrest later,
I stepped into the world with spite.
Broken in the mould,
How can I reshape to anything else?

Keep looking at the sunshine and you won’t see the shadow,

Trying to heal my previous wounds,
One, two…fifty…seventy eight…
Innumerable wounds!
I don’t want no more wounds; no new wounds.
I only want to heal and be whole.

Had my bones broken by them,
Made to believe I needed support for my back.
Took me a while,
But I realized I have a spine.
And I am my own support.

Thank you!
For without the wounds,
I couldn’t have known the medicine inside me.
All along,
Within layers of flesh, blood and mind
Deep down, a lost treasure of self-belief.

This Brilliant GOLDEN energy!
This abundant energy!
That tells me the Universe is my backbone.
The Universe supports me.

(I wrote this poem one late night when I felt the overwhelming need to do something about the hurt, betrayal and incarcerated feelings. While taking therapy has helped me slowly move away from the negativity in my life, it poses a constant threat even now. I am still looking for a permanent solution….that means there are more poems to come, so yeah! )

Wise and Otherwise by Sudha Murty : A review

Wise And OtherwiseWise And Otherwise by Sudha Murty
My rating: 5 of 5 stars⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
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I loved this book. Sudha Murthy has used such simple narrative for all the 50 stories. Her work is truly ‘a salute to life’. Every incident in the book left me either poignant, or ashamed or angry at the current state of people’s mind. I would recommend everyone to read this. A very light read but filled with meaning.