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Love yourself

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Mid Year resolutions

July 2 is the exact middle date of a non-leap year. It is 182 days after New Years. What does that mean ?

It’s 181 days since I signed up for gym.

It’s 181 days since I resolved to give up junk.

It’s 181 days since I resolved to read a book/week.

It’s 181 days since I decided to quit my bad habit.

It’s 181 days since I agreed to clean my room.

It’s 181 days since I started planning a pleasure trip.

Wouldn’t it be great to have another chance at those New Year’s Resolutions ?

So here I go,

My Mid Year’s Resolutions

  • Be realistic in your expectations
  • Appreciate yourself more182
  • Good going on the Yoga… now keep up the momentum
  • Junk food once in a while can be excused. Once in a while!
  • Cross at least 3 items off your bucket list by December 31
  • Do more social work
  • Take a mini trip if you can’t afford a big one
  • Clean a part of your room. How about that messy drawer stuffed with heaven-knows- what?

You can do it! You got a solid 182 left 🙂