What’s HodgePodge?

HodgePodge = mixture,  assortment

It is only a fancy name for a potpourri of all the things that interest me – books, fashion & make-up, personal stories, DIYs and crafts, inspirations, poems & short stories, the human psyche, and music.

This blog is a place for my thoughts on all the above.

Ergo, I call it HodgePodge.

Hodge Podge collage

Strums of Soul

Life has much to offer us, not just lemons. I believe in destiny. I enjoy the little joyful things in life, the ones that bring us happiness and ones that are rare and cherished… I live for those moments.


I am passionate about reading & writing. Ever since I was a little girl, books have been my best companions.

Baby Bop to Harry Potter, Enid Blyton to Dan Brown… my passion just grows and grows.  “So many books, So little time” sighhh…

Under my roof

I appreciate handicrafts and really wacky stuff too. Bizarre things draw me to them. They could be of no value to people in general, but they intrigue me.

la Belle chéri 

I also love fashion & makeup – a gurrrrl gotttsa love her makeup. I am a big fan of DIYs and I believe in creating a Home Health Center. I will share some of the tips that made a difference to me in this space.

When it comes to music, I am a weird fanatic. I just enjoy all types of music – Carnatic, rock, instrumental, melody,rap,Hindustani. This list does not have a pattern; neither does my ipod which is in its perpetual shuffle-mode.


Random + Pandemonium.

My cranium is a factory of wacky thoughts. I shall try to pen down all the quirky cerebration that happens up here *points at head*


If you are above 18 years and  haven’t had existential crisis yet, then buddy, something is wrong. I have a lot of daydreams, nightmares and philosophical questions that are baffling. I get insatiably curious about humanity, the mind-body-soul trio, reality & surrealism etc. which I will post for discussions.

I hope you enjoy Kripa’s HodgePodge with me.

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